Supercharge your content.

Achieve impact with every target audience at speed and scale by harnessing the combined power of AI and a diverse, global community of content creators.

For brands.

Contented connects you directly with both emerging and professional content creators from different markets and cultures, that match with your marketing objectives. Because we promote diversity in front of and behind the camera, we help brands innovate and engage through access to local perspectives and fresh ideas. The result is powerful and relevant content that truly resonates with your customers.

How it works

It all starts with our SmartBrief process. If you have a precise and detailed brief ready to go, you just need to complete a simple form.

On the other hand, if you have an idea of what you want to achieve but need help working out the creative details, we can assist you with that process and connect you with creators that can ideate with you to craft content that will work.

You can also browse our library of video and images to find content that might already match your brief. 

You only pay for content you license or commission, and our transparent revenue model gives you assurance that creators get a fair deal.

Create a brief

For creators.

Contented gives you free access to content briefs from a wide range of brands, from local businesses to global brands, seeking video, imagery or animation for marketing purposes. We believe that for marketing to truly engage, brands need to tap into a diverse pool of talent, which is why we are committed to building a vibrant and representative creator community.

When you join the Contented Creator community, you will also have access to a suite of AI tools that boost productivity, helping you achieve the best results in a quick timeframe.

How it works

It all starts when you create your free profile. With your profile published to Contented, brands can find you and invite you to submit content to their brief. Or you can take the lead and put your name forward to briefs you see on the platform. 

And why not upload your portfolio images and videos to the Contented stock library and put that content to work, earning money for you. With Contented Stock, you get a fair deal. Unlike legacy platforms, Contented pays between 70% and 90% royalties.

However you sell your content, payment is immediate. If a brand licences your stock content, you receive the money in moments. If a brand engages you, to produce bespoke content? Yep, you guessed it, payment happens the moment your content is approved.

Create a profile


Contented takes a collaborative approach to content creation.  Brands often collaborate with creators to iterate ideas and get exactly what they want. There is also collaboration between creators who can combine their skill sets to deliver on even the most complex, multi-disciplinary briefs. 

As an incentive to and foster collaboration and build this community, Contented members who invite either creators or brands to the platform gets rewarded with a share of their earnings and spend.

Members can also earn rewards by taking a stake of any piece of content on the platform. If their instincts are correct, and that content is used commercially, they will receive a share of those earnings. 

In order to avoid biased algorithms we will make content guidance a community driven process where members can vote on the rules. Members who flag content that has been deemed inappropriate will be rewarded.


The benefits of being a member of the community extend beyond just financial rewards. In the near future we will implement our Governance process. As a member, you can shape how the platform develops thanks to our community governance. Have your say on rewards, incentives, diversity scoring, reputation management, spam/inappropriate content filtering and more.



The Contented platform is built on the blockchain, which acts as a public ledger of data which cannot be tampered with. This means that creators can prove a piece of content was produced by them, and brands have confidence in their right to license it and under what terms.

All the processes of content licensing, paying reseller commissions and creator licenses are done via what is called  smart contracts. You are in full control with tracked visibility of what you have earned and are owed, in real time, faster and smarter than before

As part of our commitment to building a diverse community behind the camera, we can keep an auditable track of the use of diverse talent while still preserving the privacy of the individuals involved. Brands who wish to can make these metrics public in order to prove fulfillment of their D&I policies.

Our proprietary AI 

We will use AI-augmented search to match briefs to a selection of ideal content creators for each project, and to help you improve your ROI, machine learning will let you know what content has performed best, enabling you to  iterate your next brief to produce even better results. 

Creator empowerment through AI

AI has created a content revolution and can enable huge efficiencies for faster, scalable output. We believe that human creativity and authenticity however is still vital so our use of generative AI is all about helping creators supercharge their content.

We will give creators access to a diverse catalogue of generative AI tools which can be consumed on a per usage basis. This avoids expensive monthly subscriptions if you only need a tool for a limited number of edits.

About Contented.

We’re a team of creatives, techies and business growth experts who understand the pains and inefficiencies around content sourcing and creation. We also know how hard it is to drive impact and engagement with audiences on a global scale.

We’re on a mission to build a technology-rich content ecosystem that changes all that, with an empowered and diverse creator community that helps brands produce marketing content that has a demonstrable impact. If you’d like to know more about who we are and what we are building, get in touch. 

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